morning session • 90 MINUTES (general retreats)

In our focus yoga is about relaxing, postural optimisation and letting the energy flow optimally so we can be the best versions of ourselves.
Our practice is rooted in Hatha yoga, a proven system to optimize health, take us closer to our being and helps us to increase focus for advance meditation technics. We also use Power yoga to increase energy levels and Yin yoga for relaxing and stretching gently and beneficially.
Yoga brings the union of our body and mind, helps the energy to flow freely allow the connection with The force.
We are style open and always willing to experiment as much as we love to stick to instruction depending on the goal immersion. 


Rising meditation • 30 MINUTES

Meditation is a powerful technic can shift your life 360 from being the passenger of your life to being the writer and main character of your story. Once you get to the point, meditation it will be your daily holiday and you will crave for it. Being in the moment, just being is the very key and we feel like taking you there to experience that using various techniques and methods to achieve to feel the moment, and surrender to the being. 
While many other technics can help you reach that state. Meditation is selfless, cheapest and unattached to external object method that in less than 10 minutes will helps you to return to a bliss state, calm down your mind, decrease your blood pressure and turn off stress and so on. 




Fitness is an important value in our journeys. For the fitness focused immersions we tailor programs that provide cultural travel while still having great facilitation to make physical progress as well. We tailor to both top athletes as well as businesspeople who love to stay in shape. We include a variety of approaches such as strength training, postural training, core strength, balance, speed and endurance, all depending upon the values and goals of our unique guests.
We invite expert fitness training, natural bodybuilders, postural experts and coaches we are certain will contribute to people reaching their next levels of excellent within the fields that they love.