We enjoy nature and we do our best to include various resources that nature provides us. Nature seems to be the most ideal masterpiece ever and it constantly shows us how magical it really is. At some point we can start to see that certain herbs have certain frequencies and that prana concentrates in certain places, although it is so much more it than that. Nature gives us so much more than we really can fathom, but here are some of the elements we include:

Natural Springs

A natural spring with water elevated and sprouting fresh out of the earth is super pure and feels amazing to shower in. Drinking straight from fresh springs in the jungles of Bali, Indonesia to bathing in the hot springs of Greece or Iceland, let yourself hydrate and fill up with healthy minerals and with the pure essence of the earth.
Amazingly beneficial... lets immerse ourselves in the springs more often!



The best waterfalls come from springs flowing through even more natural stones and becomes an instant opener for the crown chakra as you stand next to it or immerse yourself in it. Plus, it's beautiful.


Long distance walks with natural obstacles. Improves your blood circulation is a cardio vascular exercise that it will also help you to ground and feel stronger at the level of the body and strengh at a mind level. It is also an advance form of meditation that triggers your body and mind responses and help you to identify behavior patterns.


Amazing Sights

From the mountain tops of Mt. Olympus in Greece, Prekestolen in Stavanger, Norway, to bioiluminescent lights, shining stars and northern lights, to the sun shining through the jungle trees.

Dreams are meant to be experienced wide awake. We are living now, let's see the most amazing views, smell amazing herbs, feel the atmosphere of bliss and unison with nature. Lets feel nature and immerse ourselves in it.


Super Clean Air

As the waves splash saltwater ashore filled with minerals we breath in crystal fresh air on pristine beaches. In jungles we smell wonderful scents from colorful and sparkly plants and nature. Air is important, and as we we breathe deep we feel up our life force.
Our today's society underestimate the role of air. In the air is hidden the vital force, the prana. Research shows wild forest and field near water resources contains more electrons and when increase the level of prana in our bodies our energy levels increases, the healing process is boosted and aging can be reversed. 



Sub-alpine terrace and astonishing views

We are partnering with incredible alpine groups from around the world and will soon announce news about this.
If you feel as much passion for the mountains as we do, let us know your interest or retreat you would like to experience and we will come back to you inmediatly.