Bliss Immersions
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The Realest version of you. 100% Raw Vegan nutrition experiences.



Tailored experiences

Around the world we find the most idyllic places to really focus on optimising our wellness and vitality. These places include Canary islands, Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand and many other places. Our international team can match you with one of our Bliss Representatives and you can just go to one of the places we have ongoing Bliss Immersions now or we can tailor a unique experience for you.


Costa Rica, LA Joya Del Sol

This place is filled with tropical and subtropical fruits and various kinds of various and plants. Go here if you want to enjoy nature. This is a place you just go to relax, increase your vitality, have fun and be immersed in nature.

Celebrities like Jairek Robbins and others have been to this special place. Living in a food forest is special.

This is the cheapest alternative we have so far, and you could even spend a month or longer here.

Bhutan, Samsara-Asia

Working together with a Bhutanese travel agency we have created an amazing vegan wellness itinerary that you can take almost at any time and we adapt to to your price range preference in terms of accommodations. We find places that will be best for your price range and you can choose if you want to learn from herbalists, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, zen masters, go in meditation caves, go to tigers nest, do many hikes, few hikes, be in one place or travel more.

Based on your preferences we create a unique trip for you and the people you go with if you choose to bring more people.


Nordic Tour

Norway and other nordic countries are amazing countries filled with pure spring water, wild herbs and beautiful landscapes. The Norhern lights in winter and 24 hours of sun in summer in northern Norway are some of the most special phenomenon and bucket list experiences the nordic countries bring. For those inspired, we will bring a group to experience a proper vegan wellness journey utilising various modalities such as nutrition, mental exercises, emotional exercises, movements and an overall beneficial lifestyle principles while having fun and enjoying ourselves.


Your next levels

Our goal is to empower you to live a blissfully passionate life, through experiencing the benefits of certain principles, creating transformation, having a lot of fun and learning.

We wish for you to be the greatest and most vital version of yourself. You are amazingly unique and have amazing to share through your bliss. With great facilitators in environments that supports your fullest growth, while travelling in beautiful surroundings you will go through experiences that may uplift you to new heights.

We find the best environments that supports your growth and most suit the teachings of the particular teachers we collaborate with. We believe experiential learning is often positively long lasting.


Mediterranean Tour

Evolve in beautiful and iconic places in Mediterranean.

We visit some iconic places as well as some gems in the Mediterrenean, all while enjoy vegan, primarily raw food and a wellness lifestyle. 


Environment and cuisine

Wherever we go, we bring along top class food to fuel the embodiment of your greatest version. The standard for all our immersions is that we do our best to make sure all the food in our cuisine is organic or wild, as fresh as possible and properly food combined.

Even if we are on top of a mountain, in a forest or sailing along a river, we prepare so that we have a steady supply of high quality foods. Our guiding question is: How do we create the best possible environment for you to be your greatest version?



Tell us what your unique goals are and what you are most interested in. With our local tour operator contacts we can create something unique for you, and it is our pleasure. We have ongoing immersions in different paradise like areas of the world as well as scheduled immersions.