Cooked or raw vegan food

Cooked vegan food is fine when transitioning to raw food to make sure we get enough nutrients etc until we have fixed enough nutrients through raw nutrition. Yet, raw vegan food is just the most spiritual way of eating, it just is. Why? Because live bioavailable plant foods leaves the least residue of all foods. You can think of it like crystal clear waters compared to dirty water.. The crystal clear water represent more clarity.

When we eat raw foods our cells have a more clear environment although our bodies are filled with a lot more minerals and nutrients than waters consist of. When the cell environment is clearer and ideally mineralised in a balanced way with the right minerals and nutrients, then we are superconductors to the divine. With this environment in our body the communication between cells is ideal in proportion to how ideal our food intake is, this is why whole, raw, living, fresh, ripe, beneficially mineral rich, balanced foods in the right amounts is the ultimate.. Hehe :) If it´s even possible to be conscious of and sense the absolute truth of this, it´s still beneficial to go in this direction with our food choices.

So, for people interested in spirituality etc, this is it. This is the most influential thing on spiritual abilities or spiritual characteristics being expressed. Certainly, we can always connect with our spirit or our soul (the essence of who we are) but it´s just that much more clear and powerful when we eat correctly so the communication in our body with the spirit we are and to our environment is stronger. We can still be spiritual even if the food is not perfect, but perfect food consumption is actually more natural for us, perfect simply means what is natural for us to eat, and the food shops have to adapt to this again as consumer demand changes, or people will go to grow their own food or pick wild foods and it is already happening again with more wild food options like wild blueberries etc.

I feel spirituality is to be you as much as possible and to be super happy doing whatever your essence of the soul or spirit enjoys doing, and this aspect of spirituality is also enhanced with this type of food.

So, you can always be spiritual, and you always are (just by being you). Being conscious of what the natural foods of humans are enhances your connection even more when you eat that.

Spirituality feels to be a word representing aspects such as: kindness, consciousness of how to synchronise beneficially with nature and the beings in it, being you, doing what you enjoy, realising certain bigger pictures of things and interconnectedness between the elements in this world and so on. This aspects seem to be enhanced when we eat foods that way nature presents it for us to eat :)

Simon Lightfieldraw