Nutrition is a MAJOR influencing factor on mood

I tell you this... if you are not happy sometimes... Nutrition is a MAJOR influencing factor on mood. Feel whatever feelings you feel, focus on positive things etc, but eating more alkaline foods, more organic foods, a higher percent of fruits and three big serving of greens a day plus herbs like holy basil, gotu kola, mucuna (if really needing to up dopamine levels), probiotics to rebuild happy hormone producing bacteria etc makes a huge difference... People deserve to know about how food affects people´s mood. It´s amazing how people can train their mind think positively even amongst all the processed acidic foods, but when the nutrition is better, everything is just so much easier and it goes to such levels beyond your greatest imagination in a sustainable way at the very highest levels. Just realising this connection is positive for people. I am saying it because I know millions of people living in processed food eating societies could be so much happier.

It´s a massive difference in terms of overall mood when you implement wholistic nutrition practices, including seeing the sun, choosing to shine your gifts and love for others and much more, and if you are already happy the principles just takes things to another level.

Simon Lightfield