Appearance is the appearance of the overall wellness.

So, when somebody is super natural, the appearance will reflect this, including, clear glowing skin, naturally long eyelashes, thick hair, fat in the right places, happiness, kindness, shiny eyes, energy and basically everything. We don't need any make up, we need to learn how to read the signs and change/naturalise the nutrition for the most part in addition to focusing on positive things, overall beneficial lifestyle and more. Time spent using various creams are not necessary. There are many levels to this, but if a person really is conscious of this, it is much better for them since they will be more able to take care of themselves and their body. It is something we deserve. Real personal care instead of petroleum personal care.

An example... I used to cover up some acne I had earlier and I spent one hour every day doing it, I took antibiotics etc... But when I learnt more about nutrition, my skin got clear and my joints also felt better, I felt better on the inside, happier, got more energy, began to think clearer and much more. The added benefits of being more outgoing, creative and sociable was clear, because I had also gotten clear skin while on the antibiotics but didn't feel as good as when I started eating more natural foods and learning more about what nutrition really is. Had I still thought that acne is a symptom of cream deficiency or antibiotic deficiency, then I wouldn't have gotten all the other benefits. Those benefits are something I wish everyone to have, and those benefits have levels as well, much higher levels.

Simon Lightfield