People are amazing

When I found out about the power of foods and what it really is, it was such a relief, elation and blissful experience that escalated into magical realms  :)

I realised that people have amazing abilities to feel great. People are amazing. Even though the food is not ideal they still think positive and thrive.. but oh my god, when the food is proper, life gets exponentially better.

I wish that all people get to eat all organic, correctly mineral rich, fresh and delicious foods. Having studied he possibilities for eco villages, eco resorts and regular eco living, I have found it is more than possible, it is actually the easiest way for humanity to live. Practically and financially this is very easy, the cost of heirloom seeds is very cheap and they spread.

Just the idea of carpeting grass lands with all edible heirloom or wild plants is proof that it is totally possible. Usually gardeners space their crops without filling in the spaces in between with the healthiest leafy green salads etc. National budgets are more than big enough to plant an abundance of heirloom or even better and more original ancient/wild food.

Even greater news is that nature always goes to it's ideal state, just as the cells in our body.

So, with truth and comprehension of nature we can all increase the general vitality and 'thriving' level :)

Simon Lightfieldamazing