Why you can greatly benefit from a wellness immersion

Wellness immersions can take your life to the next levels

Do you want to feel what life can be like when you live a more natural lifestyle? Do you feel curious about exploring the potential to realise even higher levels of vitality? Have you achieved a lot in your life but are open to realising the next levels of who you really are? Do you feel eager to explore how great you can really feel eating fresh foods, being in great company, have time and space to connect further with yourself and live a wellness lifestyle?

More and more people do, and together we can reach even greater levels of being.

Many people live lives not as natural as they could be. Many people live in city centers with little to no nature exposure.

But even though this culture has become the norm, a new wellness norm is forming. People are experiencing the benefits of nature, herbs, natural nutrition, connection with community, connection with their essence, joyful movement and peace.

Fortunately, there are now many ways to recharge yourself if you find that things are starting to feel the inspiration to have better wellness. You can choose to sleep more, spend a few minutes meditating when rising, improve your nutrition, or take it one step further by going on a full-on nature retreat (immersion as we call it).

The importance of self-care

Some people may feel as their your existence is only validated if they are on the go 24/7, and achievers may find great relief in learning that taking really great care of their wellness will enable much greater levels of clarity and real life productivity.

Life is about bliss.

Even though it may seem as if you are only as good as the last output you submit or the last test you ace, you must still always keep in mind that your body is what you live in right now, and it is of highest importance to take care of.

This is why even if you may feel as if you are the busiest person in the room, you must make sure to spend even a few minutes to focus on yourself and take care of your overall wellness.

Taking the time to do some self-care is one of the best things you can do for your body. It is necessary for the human body to recharge and reconnect with itself regularly, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through connecting with nature in well-planned immersions.

What are immersions?

Participating in nature retreats or immersions is the act of completely involving yourself to your surroundings. It is becoming completely one with nature which allows you to merge further with your true self.

It is going out of your regular neighborhood to spend a few days feeling the breeze, listening to the songs of the birds, and overlooking a vast expanse of greeneries.

Through these immersions, you can peacefully meditate with experienced teachers, find your inner zen with masters, improve your wellbeing through yoga, and improve your nutrition by only eating sustainable and earth-friendly resources. Most importantly, these immersions will allow you to reconnect with yourself and recharge your whole being from the inside out. The exact mix of beneficial elements in an immersion varies, but some things are common like the highest quality foods possibke, movement, connection, practices, fun and joy.

Why is immersing ourselves in nature important for recharging + relaxing?

Through the years, multiple studies have proven just how important nature is to our overall wellness.

One study showed that being with nature can speed the health recovery process of adults, reduce their blood pressure, and reach greater levels wellness than perhaps a person had ever felt in their life. One even said that it can visibly lift people’s spirits. Another study conducted in a suburban Pennsylvania hospital from the 1970s to the 1980s showed that patients who had a view of the trees healed faster than those who only viewed a brick wall. A more recent study also showed that even just walking in a park for 30 minutes regularly can reduce people’s blood pressure.

These are great examples of how even just a few moments surrounded by nature can already lead to the betterment of our health. Now, imagine what a few days — or even a whole month — surrounded by nature can do to your health?


Eating your favorite vegan comfort food, putting on a face mask, and drinking eight glasses of clean spring water a day are great ways to relax and recharge after a week of work. But to be able to fully heal yourself and your body from sitting every day at your desk at work, it would be best to spend several days or weeks immersing yourself in the wonders of nature.

Every day the human body can signals for peopletake the time to relax and recharge your body, mind, and spirit, and produces even more pleasure hormones when this is implemented. Surround yourself with trees, fresh air, and sustainably sourced plant-based food that will surely do wonders to your body.

If you need to know more about wellness living or even start looking into booking your dream immersion experience, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Bliss Immersions. Your future self will surely thank you.

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