How I got smooth skin and overcame acne

The primary causes I have seen for acne are:

  1. Not wanting to realise that healthy food is the main solution, because the individual don’t want to avoid their favorite foods.

  2. Not knowing what actually is healthy.

  3. Comodogenic creams, hair wax etc.

Solutions to no. 1:

The solution to resolving this issue to realise that the best tasting foods in the world are actually the healthiest. When candida from the tongue is controlled and the receptors become clean again, then a person can taste the subtle flavours of food much more. When you eat a wild ripe fruit from a tree grown naturally in nutrient dense soil, that is actually the most pleasurable feeling people can get from food in many instances. Also, a person can make changes to their nutrition and achieve similarly satisfying or more satisfying results by changing their food consumption.

Solution to no. 2:

Many people are intolerant to nightshades, if these are replaced by healthier foods, in most cases the inflammation levels drop. When replacing nightshades, look at the colour of the food, the properties and the nutritional benefits and replace those. Watermelons contain lycopene for example. Black pepper and cloves are good anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic herbs.

Acne is a materialisation of inflammation and detoxification action in my belief.

Wheat is also a big reason for inflammation for people alongside chemicals, milk and eggs.

The higher percentage implementation of these factors, usually the better:

  • organic foods

  • ripeness

  • variety

  • balance

  • tolerable foods

  • raw food

  • digestibility/bioavailability

  • wild/original foods (less hybridised foods)

Other beneficial factors:

Omega 3 to omega 6 balance (usually means adding more flax, chia, purslane or hemp to the nutrition)

Repopulating the gut with healthy probioics by eating enough organic greens, herbs, fruits, berries and other plant based groups.

Sleep, movement, relaxation, swimming in sea salt water and sunshine (in just enough amount) helps a lot as well.

Take a food intolerance test. I personally have intolerances to oranges and onion, and that is pretty special, but eating other things instead of those like the garlic-mustard herb and lemons/acerola helps my skin stay smooth.

Milk thistle and schizandra can be great to help the liver and kidneys as well.

The outer skin has a lot to do with our inner condition. You fix the inner condition and only use natural things on your skin, in many cases, very great results might be possible for you in a very natural and easy way.

Anti-inflammatory herbs like Boswellia Serrata can be beneficial.

Solutions to no. 3:

Find natural solutions and be more natural. Natural on the cosmetics bottle often doesn’t mean anything as chemicals derive from the natural world, but in the actual sense of the word, it makes a massive difference.

So there you have it. Perhaps this can be of major benefit to you. I sure was happy when I quit oral and topical anti-biotics, became happier, more social, healthier, more energetic, more clear minded, got higher self esteem, more inner peace and received so many other benefits along with the more wellness promoting way of living.

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