How I played some elite league games and got well in my knees and joints

Feeling well in the joints

Our knees and joints are made up of elements from what we eat, drink, swim in and breathe plus other things as well as what our mothers absorbed.

I am writing and sharing this for athletes of all levels as well as people who can benefit from it in general.

In my childhood my goal was to become a professional basketball player.


I trained many hours almost every day.

At 15 years old I played for a 1. division team, and at 16 I had to take 6 months off to rehabilitate my knees, because I didn´t eat healthy enough. At 16 I also got the message that I could have begun practicing with an elite team.

At 17 I played half of the year and at 18 I played my first game with an elite team. The team I played for became the best team in the league the next year. I just scored some goals before I had to find a way to get better joint health again.

Luckily, I found some great health experts to learn from. After healthier eating, getting pronation in-soles (soles that are better for the foot), doing corrective excercises, stretching, foam rolling and taking specific herbs I could run again having found amazing nutritional information.

I could have gone back to building a professional basketball career, but I decided that the benefits I felt from learning about wellness was worth giving my energy to.

More benefits

Suddenly, my skin got smooth without acne, I felt much better in general, my energy became much greater, my immune system got stronger and I became more and more blissful.

The resource I am about to share with you, can change your life in multiple ways.
I am vegan but the person I am sharing material from might eat some bee products like propolis, royal jelly, honey and bee pollen, and I think the health can be better without that, but the information in these PDF books might change your life for the better for the rest of your life.

Here is the resource:

Markus´ books

Click there and find the subject you care about, in this case bones for example.


Your knees, your joint fluid, your cartilage are all made from the elements you have absorbed through eating, topically through the skin and the air you have inhaled.

Some key aspects for me was:

More greens (more bioavailable mineral, and in a healthy body more vitamin k2 is made, transporting calcium to the right places)

Boswellia Serrata (reduces inflammation and has nutrients that might help regrow tissue)

Replacing food I was intolerant to based on a food intolerance test. That test has proved to be very accurate in my life. Some of those things were wheat, milk, eggs and nightshades. Remember to replace foods when taking them out of the nutrition with foods providing similar nutrient profiles.

Enough vitamin C (acerola is a great source of vitamin C) which helps build collagen.

Healthier food overall, getting in the rainbow of colours within the food I eat, fresher and more raw foods.

More hydration (Joint fluid needs fluid), especially structured water like inside of fruits and coconuts for example). When the plant absorbs water it structures the water as well. Other than that, sprjng water is a good source of water. Green juices can also be beneficial for people.

Other things I suggest are:

Regular gentle foam rolling and moving in a variety of ways like dancing, walking, gentle stretching etc.

Making food more bioavailable (soaking or sprouting nuts, seeds and beans). The reason for this is that these foods are often dried before shipped, and they become more enzymatically active when put in water before eating.

This is not medical advice, this is just what helped me.

Feel free to share with others that might looking to feel better in the knees or joints.

Your welcome!