How I became a top producing sales person

Friends have asked me about sales tips, so here are some points.

The reason I feel I can give valuable tips on this subject is because I took multiple hall of fame records for my sales company and achieved great results. For some years, almost all I did was to sell and learn about selling. I decided to master it, also because it’s beneficial for life and being able to help people.

In this article I will write what I would tell myself before I started selling.

Here are my most valuable tips:

  1. Sell what you are enthusiastic about. Sales is a lot about transfer of enthusiasm (naturally arising) about a product or service.

  2. Sales in 2019 is all about finding a fit for the customer and recognise that people like to buy things that improve their lives. The best sales people only sell things that improve people’s life to a great degree and will be honest whether they believe their product or service is a fit for the client.

  3. Learn. There are so many factors that can be learned in sales, so learn something every day.

  4. See your job as a mission to help people and speak honestly and be yourself.

  5. Have fun.

  6. The more vitality you have, the more influential you are.

  7. Selling often requires fine tuning of energies and mindsets and feelings. The better we feel, the better the customer feels. Often, being great at sales helps us be better people in general effectively communicating in ways that impact people positively.

  8. Send love to the customer.

  9. Be truthful.

The main principles, like actually selling something you enjoy, are super important. Today, there are more options to choose what to sell than ever.

Often, if you are in a healthy environment, you can get good tips from your top selling coworkers, but remember to think for yourself what is possible and visualise and act upon that. If you believe you can sell a lot and help a lot of people get something that makes their lives better, then chances are that you sell a lot, if you practice enough or just go straight into the right mindset and learn a lot.

Because there is so much to learn, I suggest investing in a book or program.

I really suggest learning about sales for more than 2 hours a day.

For me, I listened to sales training from Brian Tracy one hour before and one hour after selling every day. Still, trust your intuition about what you think will make the most sales.

I HiGHLY suggest just getting Brian Tracy’s best sales programs and going all in and listening to them. Also do other things like take care of your wellness and implement as many success factors as possible. Through osmosis and listening to him, his sales abilities will transfer over to you.

I only suggest the very best things for people, and as a sales person it’s an absolute must to listen to Brian Tracy if you want to have a great life filled with success, positive impact, grow a lot as a person and enjoy the magic of how many records you can set, and that anything is possible in this life.

Every day is a new chance to create the life you most feel inspired to. Every day that goes by is an important day for realising you dreams. Every day you have a chance to set a new record.

For Brian Tracy’s best programs; go here:

Brian Tracy: Sales and Success Programs.

Then choose Sales Training and buy his programs because that’s where you get the best information and you get the full picture of the core aspects of selling.

I was very surprised when I saw that some people invested into becoming better every day, and some didn’t. As a sales person and as a human it makes so much sense to grow every day, that is the fun. As you get better and better results, write up every thing that works for you every day.

Remember to increase your vitality (Brian Tracy talks about this too):

To learn more about vitality, see this post: Vitality

Herbs to boost positive states and social connection:

These are my favorite herbs to get into the best state quicker each day (These have really increased my vitality and was a massive reason I could have energy every day long term and help many people):



Holy Basil


Gotu Kola

Siberian Ginseng leaf


Plant based iron like curry plant, verbana (at night), nettles,

Organic food. (The healthier you eat, the more you sell, and the more money you have for buying the best foods.

Daily routine:

I suggest doing daily:

Smile and say Yes! when you wake up.



Incantations (affirmations)

Goal Setting

Write 20 creative solutions for a chosen goal.

Last tip:

Watch The Secret. If you have watched it, I suggest watching it again.

When you combine the power of Brian Tracy’s material, The Secret, Vitality and actually choosing a company/product to give to people because you want to help people, and learning every day, then it’s amazing what you can achieve!

I am always wishing you the very best in life for you and as much bliss as possible!

Simon Lightfield