Paradise on earth is easy to create

Paradise on earth.


The fact is that earth is created to provide more than enough in abundance for all people and animals on earth.

There is an abundance of resources and an abundance of nutrients being prepared and created by plants every moment.

The industrial revolution was not a step forward in agriculture, rather it was a way to sell patented laboratory created plants and people wouldn´t know the difference.

Have you every wondered why some plants are basically evergreen and can produce more and more food every year?

The truth is, we can easily feed everybody the most beneficial foods on earth every day.

Planting food forests everywhere is what is happening, and can be massively expedited through realisations being made from more people.

We have paid organisations to feed children in african bread, which is good to some degree, but the money we have spent on that is enough to make the whole african continent filled with food forests a long time ago.

Plants can make paper, we don´t need to cut down trees nearly to the extent that has been done. We can eat plants and have a self sustaining system.

With food forests everywhere, which is the natural growth pattern of the earth, we can feed everybody, easily. It can be done with only a fraction of the money that is currently in circulation.

Restaurants, retreat centers, resorts, hotels, residences and other forms of food and accommodation can be fuelled with food forests, and economically it makes a lot of sense to put food forests in the business model.

There is a difference between laboratory created foods like some forms of soy, and natural wild edibles. There basically are wild edible varieties of everything that grows long roots, and are so strong that no pesticide is ever needed when planted in a symbiotic way with other plants.

If enough people just bought wild edible seeds and threw them in their yeard, food would be provided for all within 10 years.

Paradise on earth is easy, it just requires people to know the truth and to surpass illusions and untruths and reintegrate with truth.

All people on earth benefit from this. When energy is not spent to the same degree just to provide food for people, but instead it is easily provided for, then more energy goes to providing more of all the other things we love and enjoy with this earth realm.

Paradise is easy. Some foods promote consciousness way more than other foods. When the food is bioavailable and filled with nutrients from nutrient rich soil, then we become antennas for consciousness to more clearly stream into.

Nikola Tesla seemingly said many great things:

Energy can be distributed super efficiently to people.

All good is readily available to all people to the degree we are aligned with truth as a species.

Humans are innately kind, and we all want to best for each other.

Through so much information we must connect with our common senses, and literally are senses in general. Our senses work better when we eat healthy.

Enlightenment is way more easy to reach when we eat foods filled with sunlight energy, often called ´biophotons´.

Naturally, humans are very connected to the earth realm and nature. The most present person I have seen was a child I saw in Ubud, raised by parents eating really healthy. Luckily, we can eat really healthy, and after 7 years or so, all our cells are shifted to be as connected to the truth of things as they can be. Parents do their best, and we can be super grateful to our parents, but the fact is that today, we can choose to see the truth of things, think and feel for ourselves, plant wild seeds in our ´lawns´, and support companies that do the right thing.

Life is about fun, and ´spirituality´ or truth is only meant to add more fun to the experience, and it certainly creates more fulfilment.

What we do in life, karmically echoes for eternity, and thankfully, god or life is super kind, forgiving and on our side, so the more good we do, the better it gets for ourselves and others.

True success is the fulfilment of our life purposes it seems, and it comes from being you, and joy is the way to be the most you. Always do what you enjoy most, and listen to your friends who speak to create better circumstances for all, more so than what you might see on television programming. Still, even those who see better realities remember to trust their senses, as even the must ´conscious´ language or messengers may or may not speak truth. Trust yourself and your senses, and connect to the pure aspect of you.

Simon Lightfield