General Vitality


Focusing on the essentials is fundamentals. The foundations are what really creates the next level wellness.

The reason it´s possible to reach very high levels of wellness and vitality is that humans are actually created to be filled vitality and enjoy life to the fullest, as long as we go with our intuition, our inspirations and our instincts.

Vitality require ideal nutrition in combination with many other aspects.

To make it as simple as possible.

Ideal vitality seem to consist of these elements:

  1. Be in your essence. Be in your bliss. Act from your inspiration. Do what makes you joyful. This ideas all point to the same thing, letting God or nature stream from the core of your soul and into this world. Choose to really be you.

  2. Move (more than 3 hours a day). Stretch, run, jog, lift something, do core exercises, dance if you like it, swim and get massages. Often, some cardio early in the day and some strength traing later on is good, plus other movements throughout the day.

  3. Eat as ideally as possible

  4. Sleep before 10 o´clock if you can because that is when the most restorative hormones are at work and they can be utilised and do it´s work best when we sleep between 10 pm to 2 am and continue sleeping for 8 or 9 hours. 9 hours a day is great for most people to get every day.

  5. Be with people who are positive

  6. Listen to positive information and vibrations. Watch positive things, write positive things, speak in a positive way, focus on the positive.

  7. Be grateful and appreciate all the great things in your life. Write up what you are grateful for, say out loud, say thank you to people, tell people you appreciate them, and feel the appreciation for life´s gifts.

  8. Visualise and enjoy feeling the great feelings of living the best life for you. If it is pure, the world contributes to making that your life

  9. Don´t judge positive things. In general it´s beneficial to see everybody as one, everybody is doing their best.

  10. Realise that all things are possible

  11. Send positive energy to the world and it´s people in general, this create a positive synergistic effect, uplifting you and everybody.

Simon Lightfield