General perspective for ideal nutrition simplified


The benefits of eating more ideal foods are so many that I decided to switch from becoming a professional basketball player to learning as much as possible about the truth about nutrition and lifestyle to the best of my ability and with God´s grace and guidance to learn more about this subject.
I felt that literally everything got better with better nutrition.
The benefits I experience was:
Better joint and bone health, more energy, smooth skin, more endurance, more clarity about my purpose here on earth, more joy, more creativity, better relationships, more positivity, increased positive impact on other people around me through being more balanced myself through balanced nutrition and much much more. Confidence is naturally built when the body feels better as well as we feel more balanced and confidence basically becomes unity and the comprehension that we are all one energy and synergising with each other and that we only enjoy being blissful and adding bliss to other people´s lives naturally by being us.

The principles in this article might change your life for the better forever.


Einstein has been accredited the quote:

”Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler”

How can we take the most advanced nutrition principles and make nutrition principles more easy to implement for people so they can enjoy being their greatest version.

The ideal food is found as it is naturally in occurring in nature.

So to get comprehension of ideal nutrition, think in terms of: how natural is this food, and what does ´natural´ entail?

In this article we go through some of the principles that make up more natural food in general.

1. There is a difference in how natural and nutritious foods are

2.. Learn more about what the difference between the most natural foods and the not so natural foods are

Learn and implement more of the most natural foods, but still keep the not so natural foods as necessary. For example, carrots are hybrids, but they are very high in vitamin a, so make sure that you get enough vitamin a from other sources if you don´t want to eat carrots because they are hybrid. Some carrots are find though.

Let´s take the difference between a hybrid banana and a small burro banana.

For example, in Bali Indonesia when I was walking with my friend we went to a ripe banana tree, and the bananas were smaller and they had seeds in them. These bananas have more minerals, give more energy and are more nutritious for us. Still, bananas can give a lot of nutrients even as a hybrid food.

Quality if food is one principle and quality contains several principles as well, such as freshness, ripeness , originality (like the wild balanas vs. hybrid bananas) and whether they are grown in organic or wild soil. Certainly, in today´s world you might be able to get wild mangoes instead of hybrid mangoes, but if you can´t the principle of variety still applies, and it´s beneficial to eat the hybrid fruits to get enough variety.

We benefit from eating a wide variety of the colourful edible foods because every food have more and less of certain nutrients and the body regulates it´s uptake of nutrients to fit a perfect balance within the body. This balancing of nutrients also affect what kind of foods we crave. Yeast and parasites or probiotics can also affect what we crave, so the yeast often wants more bread, pasta and pizza, and the parasites may want meat, and the probiotics often want greens and fruits.
So our food inspirations/cravings are a mix of our intuition and what the microbes in our gut is signalling for.

In a big food forest, with only ideal food of a wide variety, your instincts can guide you to eat ideally, so taking that information, we then think, how can we implement this in our lives?

If you feel these nutrition principles are true, then you can implement them to a higher and higher percentage, and at the same time, it is suggested that you keep the principle of variety in high importance and trust your intuition. Even in wheat bread there are nutritions that are beneficial, but if we can feel the need for those nutrients through other forms like oats, hemp seeds, wild rice etc instead then that is even better. Also, the bread is fermented, so for some people, it´s almost easier for them to digest than oats.

The point is: learn to study and comprehend nature as best you can, and at the same time listen to your intuition and realise that there are benefits to what is mainstream as well. Garlic for example has many benefits: anti-viral, cleanses the arteries and provides sulphur and many other nutrients, but the garlic green is probably more beneficial to ingest. There are always different nutrition principles interplaying, and our intuition is the best guide to what is good for us, in addition to taste, smell and how we feel in the moment, three hours later, three days later and 3 years later… All foods have an affect on us. At the most natural level, all the wild edible foods we are intuitively guided to eat creates super beneficial effects for us.

The industrial revolution had certain benefits, and it is also good to be conscious that there are difference between how food really is presented in nature and how it is presented in real nature.

Truthful information that resonates with your soul enriches your life and opens possibilities such as super high levels of vitality, super wellness, being the best version of you, thinking very clearly and being in touch with your intuition very clearly and living the life you enjoy most.


Amount of wild food:

Wild foods are foods that grow wildly in nature. Specifically, we refer to wild edibles here. Wild edibles can have many times the nutrient and mineral content compared to hybridised food grown in certain environments. For example, a wild red clover can have hundred feet long roots, and this increases the chances of the herb drawing many great nutrients to itself which we can then eat.

Wild foods are also easier to digest and they often have more healing properties.
Hybridised foods are still good, and carrots are a major source for vitamin A for example, so many roots used today have purposes. Yet, if we can increase the amount of wild edible herbs and wild type of foods, then this is better for us because we can a lot more nutritional value from these types of food.

Percentage of ripe food or food eaten at the right time:

When the plants signal for the humans or animals that they can be eaten, the plants we eat are also then the most digestible and the most nutritious. For example, bananas that are ripe have many more active enzymes, which speed up processes in our body. In the last stages of ripening the banana is also filled with more nutrients from the plant.

Unripe bananas will turn yellow, but if they are allowed to ripen on the tree, they will be more nutritious and give more energy.


When for example the banana is picked fresh from the tree, it has the most amount of energy to give. The banana is energised by the banana plant and the banana is a manifestation of the fruiting body of tha banana plant. When the banana is picked, the energy potential starts diffusing into the environment around itself. The energy that we talk about here is biophotonic energy, literally sunlight energy prepared by the plant in combination with nutrients from the earth and air.
The energy potential of a freshly picked banana is twice as high as a banana that has been laying on the ground for example for 1 hour. Still, if the banana is recently picked, or picked the same day, it still has a lot more energy than shipped week old bananas.


This simply means, food with no bug sprays. The labelling ´organic´ may allow some kind of organic sprays, but the concept is that we choose to eat food just the way it is, without added bug sprays.


When we eat foods in their whole state, we absorb more of the light/heat/oxygen sensitive nutrients, also called Ormus. These nutrients are delicate and when we eat more whole foods we get more nutrients and more anti-oxidants. These nutrients can oxidise quickly, but inside of our bodies, they are protected, just as they are protected inside the plants in their whole state, and inside the tree. How does nutrients flow on top of the tree? These elements that flow up and create more growth on top of the tree or plant creates a sort of levitational energy. This levitational quality makes a person appear younger and have more energy and spiritual connection.

Beneficially mineral rich food

Food grown in the wild, or proper soil, have more minerals and this gives the plants more nutrients, which in turn also gives humans more nutrients. If the plant is allowed to grow deep long roots, then it gives much more nutrition as well.


The body adjusts it´s uptake of various nutrients, so we benefit from varying what we eat so that the body can absorb as much of the food as possible. For example, if we get a lot of some nutrients, the uptake of those nutrients are not as high, but if there has been some time between the intake of certain nutrients, the uptake is higher.
Therefore, if we have variety in our food intake, then we keep the nutritional uptake high, because we maintain or ideal nutrient ratio. The body doesn´t only compose of magnesium, it composes of a balance of different minerals. With that said, in today´s food choice, many benefit from supplementing som bioavailable magnesium, like magnesium in a mix with fulvic acid.


We benefit from a variety of nutrients. Throughout the day it is beneficial to get some fat, some carbohydrates and some protein. The exact ratio will vary for most. But often times, it seems humans thrive on most carbohydrate rich food sources.

High percent raw food:

Raw food is easiest to digest, and if a person gets enough nutrients and protein while eating raw, then that is amazing. However, it is possible to eat some cooked foods to meet the protein requirements and still thrive.

Ideal ratios of minerals and nutrients.
(The body regulates nutritional uptake)

How many nuts should we eat in a day and how to maintain the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio:

The balance between these two fatty acids seems to beneficially be between 4:1 and 1:1 of omega 6 to Omega 3.

See article here: Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio

The brain and every cell requires a good balance of fatty acids. Omega 3´s can be seen as softer, and omega 6 can often be harder forms of fatty acids, and the cells benefit from the right balance, so communication between cells are ideal.

Eat the rainbow

Build on the fundamentals. Most people can see colour, so it seems logical that we should eat things of a variety of colours as well. Also, it has been found that foods of similar colour often contains similar nutrients, especially if they are in the same food class.
Eat something from every colour of the rainbow as best you can and in tandem with the other principles outlined.

What to do in daily life?

The best you can do is to live near a food forest and get a wide variety of edible foods. If you can´t do that, you can certainly pick some wild foods growing around your house and your area in parks or forests.
From there you can increase the amount of fresh, high water content foods like leafy greens and fruits etc and buy 100% organic food.
You can also begin buying some of the top herbs like gynostemma, schizandra, gotu kola, holy basil etc and using more organic herbs on your food or drink as teas or powders to increase the nutrition.
Humans thrive most when eating more herbs. It´s natural to eat herbs, so however we can get high quality herbs, and check with our doctor etc if we take medication for interactions, then that is great. Herbs are the things that really provide a lot of healing, in addition to increasing the percentage of raw whole foods because this foods leaves very little debris for the body to clean up and provides more than double as much nutrition as cooked foods. Still, get enough protein to meet protein requirements.

Simon Lightfield