Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio

The importance of omega 3

In nutrition, Omega 3 has been found to be very beneficial.
Omega 3 is very important aspect of the cell membranes making up our entire body. Omega 3 is important for everything.

Questions regarding omega 3 and fats:

How can vegans get enough omega 3?

Simply put: Freshly grounded flax meal in a coffee grinder, soaked chia seeds, purslane and other sources can be good ways to ingest omega 3.

An algae based omega 3 supplement might be beneficial for people, but the best way is to eat more herbs, eat really healthy in general and increase absorbtion of omega 3 from omega 3 eich plants.

How much fat is ideal to eat?

Perhaps somewere between a handful to 4 handfuls is suitable for many people. Remember, we are all different.

The best thing to do to give you a more clear picture about this subject is to watch the following video.
However, I do personally eat more fat than Dr. Rick Dina suggest in the video below, and there are many different beneficial compounds in omega 6 rich foods as well, and that is important to remember.

Brazil nuts are high in omega 6 for example and are very high in selenium and they all have various benefits.

Simon Lightfield