Wellness & Healing

What is the foundation of wellness?

Everybody deserves to feel well. Naturally, the human is constructed to feel well. When the body is in balance we feel well.

Wellness is the natural set point for a human being. When humans eat more natural or super natural foods, move more, relax more, breathe well, meditate, enjoy life, go with their intuition and be in their essence, then the body signals that the right things are happening.

Happiness comes from allowing the spirit to happen here on earth, which means, allowing you as a person to happen. You naturally are inspired to do certain things, and the more you go with your inspirations, and create positive momentum, it gets better and better.

The biggest thing that creates better wellness in people seems to be the realisation that certain foods are more natural than others, and that movement is super important as well as relaxing, sleeping well, hydrating well etc (raw foods have more water inside as well). Social relationships also affect wellness, but you can do your best to shape the circumstances for the positive.

You are a great human being, and you deserve to be blissful and feeling well in this life.

These ideas seems to be the foundational thoughts generating wellness.

From there, I suggest Marcus Rothkranz´ books because they are my favourite resources to far to feel better wellness wise, and he has a broad spectrum of different angles you can enter heightened wellness from.

See books on specific subjects here:

Markus´ books

He might eat some bee products, including bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and honey, which I don´t, but overall, I feel his health information includes a lot of very valuable elements, that can be beneficial.

I also do eat more foods than Markus.

Personalised coaching:

While I do suggest Markus´ books because he has such a wide array of books specific to many different conditions, I also coach personally. I focus mostly on general wellness, especially aimed at positive goals such as reaching a certain level of fitness, achieve very high states of vibrant vitality, attain high performance goals etc.

Contact me if you have questions.

Simon Lightfield