What is spirituality?

You are an eternal spirit being on earth right now.

Being spiritual is to be all of your spirit to the best of your ability here on earth. To do that, being in your bliss is the activating factor.

Spiritual = Spirit You All

If you really enjoy something, this is guiding you to your life purpose. Being in your life purpose and contributing positively through just being you, even if that means simply taking care of yourself to a great degree physically, creating ecological architectural works of art.

Realising this can really benefit you in your quest for spirituality, because this seems to be the foundation pillars: Being in your bliss and being you.

For example, many people get impressed with various teachers, but if you are conscious of the foundational pillars of bliss and being, then you can listen to the messages that resonates with you while being stable in your foundation of truth and essence and maintain common sense regarding your foundational experience of life.

Your light, your bliss, your intuition and your inspirations are your guides and is basically the same energy streaming through you into this experience of the world.

Simon Lightfield