Fitness & Movement

Getting into shape or our top shape:

Being in the best shape of your life requires realising certain things.

Number 1:

We are natural superhuman, but we have to eat the way the body is designed to.

When we eat super naturally, or eat super natural foods like, wild edible plants grown in beneficially mineral rich soil, this turns on.

Number 2:

Being Beautiful is being you to the full, full of nutrients.

If your goal is simply to get in better shape, simply adding more wild edibles or whole food organic fruits, greens, berries and other plant based foods is the best way to achieve the goal.

Food is meant to fuel us with energy inspiring us to move. Raw Living Wild Edible plants do this for us.

The truth is that simple, eat more natural foods and then move.

Move in the ways you enjoy most, and you don´t have to push yourself. The more you go with the pull, the more you succeed. If you feel pulled to dance, the dance, if you feel like swimming or walking, then do that. If you feel like going for personal weightlifting records, then do that.

Instinctually you have the best guide to be in the best shape of your life.

Sweating is also very beneficial for the body and essential, so work up a sweat and work out as well.

Simon Lightfield