Positive states

Happiness is our natural state of balance and being.

There are many components that affect happiness.

In this article we will look at what has benefited me in my life, and I feel this can benefit you as well.

This are just a perspective, and always listen to your intuition, even if there are certain principles that are correct very often, some times it can be better to do something else. Your intuition is always number 1 in your life. Your bliss, intuitive guidance and inspirations are the source of your realised life purposes.

When you comprehend something at it´s core, and identify success factors, then you have the power to implement these success factors.


For example.

Sunlight is important for positive states due to serotonin production (making us feel more content) and due to the production of many other positive compounds.
We are supposed to get like 20 minutes of sunlight on the whole body or more every day, or when the sun is out. Some days are fine not to be in the sun, but the body has a strong synergistic relationship with the sun rays. It seems and I have found that eating more whole, wild or at least organic food with colours contribute a lot to sun tolerance, as well as gently increasing the sun exposure time.

Natural sun screens can be bought to protect the skin, but in general, it´s good to build the natural tolerance to the sun, through superb eating, and then being just enough in the sun, or being in the shade when needed, or wearing a light hat.

We have to have some sunlight to feel well.

This is common sense for many people.

The way I have found to consistently feel well, balanced or blissful is to apply many more physical, mental, spiritual and social principles that stacks the odds of feeling great together.

Sunlight is something that most people can agree on contributes to more positive states. Sunlight also boosts the immune system, so more beneficial probiotics synergise with us in the gut and intestines.


What are the benefit of probiotics?
What are probiotics?
Probiotics seem to be microbes that synergise beneficially with us, and their food source is primarily plant fiber. If you eating raw, organic or naturally grown living plants you then feed probiotics with fiber and in turn they can produce everything from serotonin, dopamine, vitamin k2, b vitamins, butyric acid (beneficial for energy to the intestinal walls and keeping the intestinal walls strong).
Probiotics digest foods for us, strengthens immune system, and gives us nutrients and positive signals when they get their plant fiber.

So to make it simple, the more raw easily digested plant fiber you eat, in balanced portions, the better you feel over time. for example, two big salads of greens a day can create a very positive environment for probiotics to thrive, as well as raw whole plant foods in general.

You can take probiotics capsules, and that can be beneficial, but long term the really beneficial microbes come from wild herbs and organic greens and whole plant foods ingested and feeding microbes over time.

Implementation: Add some coconut water kefir here and there, or take some good vegan probiotic capsules some time like every other day or every day.

The benefits of improving your gut flora is something that increases over time, and there might be some detox reactions, but with just a capsule a day initially, usually it´s fine for people. To reduce detox reactions, it´s possible to take some zeolite clay to soak up some left over debris, take milk thistle to strengthen the liver, so that the liver can process things more efficiently, and many other methods. You can search for: ´how to reduce herxheimer reactions´ if you get too much detox symptoms. Remember, that the goal is to get to the ideal way of eating and living a very positive and super enjoyable lifestyle.

Spirit Purpose

Think of happiness as the spirit happening. You choose to be yourspirit in this life, you choose to be you in every moment. By doing this and going with your inspirations and shining your light, then you feel better. This is common sense, and more and more people are waking up to the importance of doing what makes you feel filled with energy and light.

Why do some people enjoy certain things and others enjoy other things?
Some things, most people enjoy, and a lot of things are common, and some things fills you up with light and joy because you are being you.

Joy = You.

All people and the whole world is synchronised through inspiration. What you are inspired to do is connected with all people´s inspirations and it´s all synchronised.

This is what is called synchronicity. People find that when they just be, do and go wherever they like they see things that match their inspirations. This is because somehow we are all connected and our inspirations guides us to what brings us positive feelings.

This is what people call spirituality, to be you.

How can you implement this: Do as much of what you enjoy as possible. Best yet, always do what you enjoy most.
Also, when you have high levels of wellness you are more confident to go with your inspirations, so the more raw, wild edible plants you eat, in balanced portions, correct for your body, he easier it gets to go with the positive energy streaming through all things.

Organic food

Foods in their natural state are the best. Organic is better than non organic, if the food is in good condition.

Food grown in beneficially mineral rich foods and are organic is even better.

Wild plants grown in very beneficially mineral rich soils, with their long roots are even better.

The body prefers a natural environment to produce high states of wellness.

Herbs that can be felt

Short, medium and long term: Holy basil, Siberian ginseng leaf, Gynostemma, Gotu kola, Mucuna

Even dandelion (blood thinning so should be combined with something that expands blood vessels like beet greens, pomegranate, watermelon etc) is beneficial for positive states of being. There are many herbs you can pick wild for free. Herbs are natural to eat for humans and the body has receptors that plants can activate, so to be the greatest version of us, herbs are required.

Herbal book: Marcus Rothkranz, http://markusrothkranz.com/online-store/free-food-and-medicine/edible-plant-guide.html

Medium term and long term: MIlk thistle.


The more we are grateful, the more we focus on this, and the more things in our life there is to be grateful. It feels great to remember all the things we are grateful for in our lives.


If a person literally eats only wild edible plants in a food forest somewhere, then this person will transform. Psychology and thinking more positively is great, and still, yet: ´You are what you eat´is super transformative. I also include: ´You are the food, thoughts and lifestyle you put in´. Positive people, positive foods, positive thoughts, positive visualisations, positive affirmations, positive environment, great air quality, sun, going with inspirations, positive books, positive movies/videos… it all adds up.
Naturally, you are programmed for feeling great and the more you just go with the light that is you, the better everything gets.
This is both a mental and physical world. The power of thought and, meditation, energetic work and choosing your reality in your spirit is all important, and yet this is a world where we can choose to learn which herbs are beneficial and why wild herbs are so beneficial compared to processed foods. There are certain things about living on earth we can learn and implement to experience growth, fun magic and bliss.

Everything is connected

The more you see that everything is connected, the easier it is for you to implement habits in all areas.

Positive habits are the best when they feel great. For example, when moving the best, it´s most beneficial when it feels great. Actually, when people eat really well (and eat enough) and just move until your feel like it, then you naturally build muscles, move the lymph system (cleanse the body), produce energy and much more.

it´s amazing how pleasure and bliss is the real guide to more bliss and success in all areas. Pushing repetition after repetition in the gym is actually not necessary. For example, if you can do 15 repetition with a gym weight for a movement in the gym, and you do 12, and eat well, your muscles will grow, as long as you increase the weight the next time.


Dancing to music is great. Is very beneficial movement for the body. Jumping on the trampoline can be beneficial. Swimming can be beneficial.
Do what you feel like.

Running is great, sprinting is great, strength training is great, sports are great. Do what inspires you.

Moving more than three hours is great.
If you can include some sprinting, some strength training, some cardiovascular exercise (trampoline, running, dancing etc), some core strengthening movements, some movements beneficial for posture and some stretching, then you can included a lot of positive elements.
Sprints are great for human growth hormone production. Strength exercises are great for hormone, and makes bones and muscles stronger. Cardiovascular exercises cleanses the body and transports nutrients and creates positive movements in the body including the feelings of progress in life. Posture movements specific to you, suggested by a personal trainer or posture specialist is great to implement.

Movement is necessary to be a functioning human, and therefore happy hormones are connected to the implementation of movement. Movement is a requirement, and the good news is that is enjoyable, and especially enjoyable when you eat really well.

Massage is also beneficial to add to the various forms of movement you do in a day.

Positive relationships

The people you interconnect with must be people who cares about your positive state, success and bliss. Positive people absolutely know there is no competition in this world regarding anything, we are all special and we all add to the synchronistic value shared by all and we are given life by the energy that connects us all.

All friends must contribute positively to your growth and be a positive influence in your life in a natural way. People have the most positive effect on others by simply being who they really are, and shining their light. You also contribute positively to your friends. Certainly, there must be unconditional giving, and the most positive effect we have on others is just being who we really are. Let your friends be their best version and naturally be with them, and enjoy yourself and be with people you feel are positive for you. At the same time, always grow and look within for how you can be more in balance as well.


You are here on earth now. It´s your responsibility to live your life. People, angels, nature and the whole world can support you, but ultimately, it is you who chooses your reality and how much you choose to enjoy life and in what ways. We all deserve completely enjoyment. Let yourspirit go with the joy. You can positively affect others, and you can grow, and choose who you share time with here on earth as best you can.

Simon Lightfield