Favourite nutrition and lifestyle coach

After 9 years of studying nutrition and wellness, if I had to suggest one person to learn from, I would suggest Markus Rothkranz: https://healanything.ultracartstore.com/…/6167B9…/index.html (affiliate link).

He is almost vegan, and might eat these non-vegan food items which can be in his supplements as well: propolis, honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, so check the ingredient list if you are buying something from him if you are vegan. In general, I feel he is the best person to suggest in the world right now all in all.

Most of the time there are some things that certain nutritionists are more conscious of than others, but overall I would trust Markus if I were to follow the tips of only one person. I do prefer eating more than they eat just to mention that, but I think he has a lot of great information because he has spent a lot of time studying wellness and I have also resonated with some of the guest speakers he has on his show like John Kohler, James Sloane etc on certain topics, so I guess he has some great herbalist/nutrition friends as well.

Also, he says he spent 40 days just eating wild food apparently, and this I am certain is a very positive sign that he awoke to a lot of common sense because in my experience, the wild edibles are the most important thing to create solid common sense and he teaches wild food foraging as well.

In addition to that, he also teaches self empowerment by teaching people to forage locally which is a quality sign of genuine interest for people's wellbeing.

So you can check his e books and find something that resonates with you. People ask me for tips and that is why I share this, I only suggest things if I feel are the most beneficial thing I can suggest at the moment.

He might eat some honey, which I don´t, but overall, I very much agree with many things he says.

Simon Lightfield