Earth is totally on our side

We are headed to what we call 'paradise' in the future, which is just a word for our future state of living if we do a lot of positive things in general, which is natural for us to do and be anyway. :) More and more people are growing food, more and more people are becoming more conscious about everything. The big investment funds are even going in a very positive direction fueling positive companies. More and more people are going vegan and realising that nutrition was very different than what we have been taught and seeing that the laboratory created foods are not as great as the natural foods. We are realising the earth is totally on our side especially when we live in a synchronised way with nature. So... Just remembering this this, we can now already start to move our actions in this direction. Plant more food for yourself by buying ancient seeds or wild seeds of edible plants... Plant inside and in the gardens if you can, we don't need to import non-edible flowers etc and spend time with those in the garden, go with nature instead. It's best to let the dandelion be and eat their young leaves instead. More naturalness is the way to go, and if we increase the naturalness of our food choices etc, we move well along with the progression of society.

Actually, Earth already is a paradise, we just have to study and comprehend nature better and realise all the resources we have as earthlings.

Simon Lightfield