When going raw

Going raw

When going raw, there is a period where the body goes: 'wow, ok let's cleanse', and a lot of cleansing happens. If one has not been raw before, then this can cause a herxheimer reaction where one feels not so energetic, because the body is prioritising cleansing and the lymph fluid is moving well and some unbeneficial microbes makes a fuss when they leave some time.

So, it is beneficial to take some herbs that make the bowels move, like an herbal supplement for bowel movements. Also, drinking more spring water and taking kidney cleansing herbs and liver cleansing herbs. This helps us manage the detoxification better.

A two month supply of milk thistle seed extract can reduce herxheimer and is great for the liver for example.

One way to make it more comfortable when going raw is to eat gradually more raw food. Some people do this subconsciously actually, to make the transition smoother by eating some steamed/cooked foods and gradually going more raw. The cooked food slows down detoxification.

Eventually the body cleanses out most of all of what shouldn’t be there, and if done right, the transition will be smooth enough. After some time being fully raw, super levels of energy and clarity can be felt.

While going raw one must still include enough amino acids, omega 3 etc, seeds must be soaked and/or sprouted, as with nuts and beans.

Raw vegan protein sources:

Many foods contain amino acids, and by varying protein sources we get different protein sources in.

Bean/natural sprouts (if tolerable):

Chickpea sprouts

Beluga sprouts

Lentil sprouts

Wild rice sprouts

Mung sprouts

Pea sprouts


Chia Seeds

Soaked sunflower seeds. Can be mixed as well.

Soaked pumpkin seeds

Hemp seeds.

Flax seeds/freshly ground flax meal (soak flax seeds, dry gently and put them in coffee blender)

Sprouted fenugreek seeds

One alternative can even be soaked oats in probiotics.


Macadamia, walnuts and brazil nuts etc.

Pine nuts

Nuts are best eaten activated (soaked in water for some hours) and eaten together with a ripe fatty fruit because the lipase (fat digesting enzyme) helps digest the fat.


I don’t really suggest too much of it, but sometimes some E3 Live, spirulina or chlorella can be beneficial.

Protein powders:

Organic raw protein powders made of sprouted material or natural ingredients can be beneficial.

Things that contribute to protein requirements being met:

High amounts of greens. (It’s good to not eat too much high oxalic acid greens and rather eat more greens and herbs that are lower in oxalic acid)

Leaves like Ketuk has higher protein content.

Absorbing more protein:

Your ability to gain protein sufficiency requires your ability to absorb protein sufficiently. You need enough enzymes and HCL in your stomach to break down proteins into amino acids.

Bitter herbs like gentian can help increase the stomach acid and digestion.