Why no roots

Rastafaris dont eat roots, Jains dont eat roots... these are some of the most conscious and peaceful groups in the world... Many of these people are vegan too.

I remember someone talking about the fact that some Indians don´t eat ginger and I didn´t understand why... Now I know for sure that roots in general are not beneficial in making people peaceful. You can see a qualitative difference in people that eat potato, carrots, beets, ginger and garlic and those who don´t.... Roots have heavier minerals than the nutrients above ground.

From a nutritional standpoint roots are starches (especially the hybrid ones which forms mucus and is hard to digest... but it goes much further than that. You want to have more levitational minerals found inside things like fruits and leaves. By levitational it means lighter density or higher vibrations, that´s why those nutrients form the plants/trees above ground, and not below ground. You want to be in a positively higher vibrational state and ´filled with light´. Human mineral composition consists of the lighter minerals ... it seems human dna has an ideal ratio of minerals that it focuses on having to form the body, and those minerals are found in the things above the ground.

Taste is another evidence.. roots don´t taste good, only hybrid roots as far as I know taste any good because they have multiple times the sugar content through various forms of artificial crossbreeding strategies.

If humans ate all the roots... would this be sustainable? No.. We are supposed to eat the things above ground and you will notice this way of eating makes you a more peaceful person because of nutritional reasons and because it´s more peaceful to the earth and it´s flora.

Some roots have certain benefits.. but oftentimes the leafy part or berry part of the herb would be better to eat, if it even is edible... Garlic greens also give anti-microbial properties and sulphurs... although garlic is not one of my favourite plants, but the greens of the garlic would be better... Same with ginger etc.

Some people eat onion and garlic because the sulphur makes the fat more soluble which is a benefit, but people shouldn´t eat animal parts cooked in rancid oils without active enzymes anyway.... So it´s something to consider... To get sulphur, you could also eat more broccoli sprouts which has sulphur (although broccoli is a hybrid, it still is beneficial in not too high dose... you can search for: vegan sources of sulphur and choose the ones above ground, and add some extra anti-microbial herbs like cloves etc to get similar benefits that the roots gave... also, one can choose to eat enzymatically rich fat sources like a ripe avocado, instead of hard fats like cooked animal fat etc.... Right things make more right things possible....

Simon Lightfield