Identifying Teachers

When you are learning from someone, truly feel if this person is heart based and really speaking their truth honestly. Also, feel if there is a lesson for you that have made you synchronistically meet a person, because usually it seems that people who can teach other valuable things meet each other when both are doing what feels great and being in their intuition.

Feel the energy of the person. Then feel if it is beneficial. 

Trust yourself and then check some of these criteria to see if the teacher might beneficial for you:

1. Who does the person believe they are talking to? If they are talking to a camera try to imagine who they are envisioning they are talking to. Do they talking to the camera as if the person was an equal?

2. How much do they care about your bliss and success?

3. Do they embody what they are talking about, or are there specific reasons for it and you´d still be interested in hearing what they have to say?

4. How many positive words do they use? Conscious language uses more positive words.

5. Are they communicating what they really feel from their soul or repeating things? The person could repeat what they have learned if the person really feels that is beneficial for people to hear.

Sometimes or almost all the time you are guided by synchronicity to learn certain things. Sometimes it is not even the teaching words themselves that is the lesson. Sometimes it is an energy you see in the person that you wish to change within your self. 

The more honest and kind you are by realising the truth of who you are, the better teaches you will see.

Feel within yourself if the tips seems valuable.

Be open to synchronising with the real also and take feedback. When you don´t entertain the ego, and simply find what is valuable, appreciate, learn and implement hyper synchronicity occurs. Trust yourself. Be really happy when kind people share their valuable perspectives with you, and only implement what feels beneficial and empowering. Always, believe in yourself. Sometimes, even if their ego is speaking to you, there might be some more soulful advice they are trying to give, so just do your best to appreciate the help you are getting from the world and believe in yourself mostly, trust yourself. :)

Learn because you enjoy it!


Simon Lightfield