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Being in the flow

Being in state

A state a flow

Going with the flow

Being in it

Wei Wu Wei

Being in the zone.

This principle is when you completely allow yourself to be you, completely in the moment flowing through, being your spirit. 

This is the state that top achievers get into, wether that be artist of various kinds, entrepreneurs, athletes etc. It´s when we are doing exactly what we love just because we love it.

Factors that contribute to this is:

Simply doing something you love because you love, and giving your all.

Visualising contributes to this state. Choosing to do what you love contributes most.

Also, meditating on a regular basis can help, but for some the thing they love most is what they love anyway. So this is all about being you fully. We are all gifted in several things, and some more than others. When we are doing what we are supposed to be doing we are in flow. When we are In the moment just loving it and giving our all while being relaxed because we are giving ourselves to the activity, then we are being our spirit.

Another thing that contributes to this is the clear decision to have fun. Deciding: I am having fun and I am giving my all. When you have done this for a while things seem to flow.

Social flows can also be created, by not recognising that the most important is that you are having fun and contributing positively. Certainly, you can feel what the other is feeling and tailor your communication which we do naturally anyway, but there is something to just having fun. Freely expression yourself, being honest in a positive way. We don´t have to say what is not beneficial for others, but we are honest in the way we are, and we choose bliss.

Perhaps you have had moments where time was not of the essence and time went by quick but you were having so much fun. Maybe you have felt time suddenly feel like it is going slower or a moment in sports seems to be heigthened in clarity and you just feel that everything is going right, and you automatically feel the next thing to do.

Tiger Woods play by feel, Michael Jordan play be feel, Stephen Curry play by feel, top musicians play by feel, top entrepreneurs make decisions by feel. Everything great is done by pure spirit and feel. Certainly they trained so that flow was easier for them, but even if something is new, you can get into flow state.

Some people gain flow state by talking to many people, some gain it through immersing themselves in creative creation. Actually, we get into flow state in many ways, by just flowing. Recognise what causes flow in you.

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