Vaishnevy Reddys perspective on Bliss and Wellness

My experience with thyroid and a total thyroidectomy changed my perception of wellness and gave it a whole new dimension. I started looking at health and wellness differently and bliss meant a complete synchronisation of physical, mental and emotional bodies to me. My years with thyroid nodule and the following emotional changes taught me something I wasn’t aware of till then. I learnt emotions are things that can cause any physical ailment, a simple cold or a terminal illness. I learnt to balance my emotions and keep them in check to experience wellness.

My experiences with Pranic healing enriched this further and I learnt to approach health and wellness in a holistic way.

As a healer i now advice my clients to address their emotions and that often clears 99% of their suffering, the remaining 1% clears itself when the body adapts to the new found emotional balance. And as a coach, I push my clients towards their emotions and their challenges naturally fall in place.

Wellness to me also means making the best of nature’s medicine :

Sunlight, fresh air, clean water, natural food and some exercise is what one needs to stay in bliss and experience the highest order of wellness. Add to this some meditation and if possible some yoga, it keeps Mental body and Emotional body in check at all times.

Another practise I was born with luckily and have managed to stick to is being a vegetarian. I believe food patterns affect our mental and emotional body and it has a direct effect on our thought processes. For the same purpose, am moving to veganism.

Besides these, remaining positive is a major wellness tip. My one cent on wellness is to keep emotions in check and maintain a sense of positivity at all times. All the above nature’s medicines are catalysts to staying positive despite any odds. Surprisingly, positivity raises good hormones and increases ones health and happiness quotient, and if this isn’t bliss what is?