Learn about how to get an awesome memory in Italy with Jonas 
for 5 Days April 12th-16th, 2019


About the immersion

We try to find the most extraordinary vegans in the world and learn from them. The most important thing we ave is our brain and overall health.

As I try to think what to write about Jonas so you can understand the real value of attending this immersion, I think of the power of osmosis and when I went to school with the top athletes of Norway and learning about what made people so successful. Osmosis is something that happens when when we are spending time with somebody and they influence us. It´s something profoundly inspirational about Jonas in how we trained his memory to this awesome things and it teaches us that we have awesome gifts to share as well.

Jonas says that the principles who used to become the world memory champion twice and learn more than 50,000 digits of PI is something other people can learn as well. Jonas is also a very funny person and a great teacher as well.

Having the chance to learn from someone who is vegan and achieves at such a high level is really valuable for life.

When your memory and learning abilities improve you gain more time in your life, because you can learn things faster. Can you imagine the value of understanding the very mechanics of how to enhance our memory to learn faster? How would it feel to be able to learn faster and to use what you have learnt more effectively?
There is something special about spending time with such high achievers, it really impacts you in a lasting way. Furthermore, the importance of eating properly is paramount on a vegan nutritional, and we go into aspects we believe affect our overall performance and vitality as well, enhancing your life in multiple areas.



10 x One hour talks from Jonas von Essen about how to create an awesome memory spread out over 5 days.

2 x One hour talks from Simen Lie about how nutrition can contribute to creating the lives of your dreams.
Extra mingling opportunities and getting familiar with each other and many optional wellness activities in LaVimea (room and half-board booked separately from workshops).


Location: La Vimea, Italy

La Vimea was one of the first vegan hotels in Italy and serves only biological foods. This is a perfect place to learn about memory and eat foods that supports a healthy memory.


Bliss Immersions

At Bliss Immersions we focus on the best guest speakers, facilitators and places in the world to give people memorable experiences of vitality, fun and joy.

We are certified in nutrition and yoga and have studied wellness for two decades combined.

We believe many aspects of life are important including food, positive thinking, our environment and more. We believe everybody have unique gifts to share and our goal is for you to shine your light as much as possible by being your best and happiest version in the physical body.

Jonas von Essen

Jonas is a two time world memory champion and is a vegan.

Jonas has said that the techniques and mindsets he uses are applicable to other people. Through studying the top books on memory and creatively integrating his own style and teaching techniques he has made it possible for people to quickly grasp the methods that the top memory experts in the world uses.

As a caring person who wants the best for others he makes learning fun and makes people feel that they can achieve great results using their memory as well.


Footage from our local tour operator

Benefits we focus on:

  • Learning faster and further enhancing our long term learning abilities

  • Feeling how a nutritionally balanced vegan nutritional, delicious program enhances your energy and spiritual connection

  • Increasing our daily presence

  • Learning about herbs

  • Learning about effective and simple meditation strategies

  • Enjoying blissful company, perhaps meet people that shares your interest in optimised growth, and grow with like minded people

  • Integrated wellness including: massages, hot stone baths, yoga, meditations, workouts, presence and being truthful to our souls purpose.


Feedback from the clients of the Bliss Immersions team:

It is happening very many great things in my life now. The universe is giving me what I ask for. I appreciate unbelievably much the energy you have sent my way!
— Henrik Reistad
I wanted you to fix me and you helped me to do it myself.

I am doing well and feel confident of my future.
— Sandra Johnson

This trip is for those who:

  • Want to have an awesome memory and learning more about how to get it

  • Want to be able to learn faster and remember things the learn longer

  • Who truly care about being their greatest version

  • Those who feel inspired to learn more to effectively realising their greatest memory capacity

  • Are in good physical shape, because there will be hiking

  • Have a positive and open learning mindset

  • Enjoy contributing to others