The Best Version of You .




I created this website and started the search for the best places, tips and resources on earth for people to be as happy as possible as a vegan. We believe that everybody deserved to be blissful and that in our joy we also realise our greatest contributions to the world.

Personally i have studied nutrition for 9 years and am certified in nutrition. Through nutrition I have experienced and am experiencing more and more benefits and seen people transform their lives based on what they eat, how they focus their spiritual energy and their lifestyle.

This website includes many of the gifts I enjoy sharing with the world. Thank you for who you are and may you prosper, realise your gift sharing fully in this world and be as blissful as possible.

~ Simen Lie

Why choose to do a private or group immersion with us?

Bliss immersions are paradise holidays where we optimise everything to contribute to your most positive growth of you while having as much fun as possible. 

The special thing about our tours and immersions is that we put your self-realization and growth first.

We focus on growth and we choose to provide you with as much growth value as possible while having fun and exploring the utmost gems we find in this world.

We want to expose you to experiences that is most optimal so you can, literally, choose the type of life you want to experience and manifest into the world. 

Bliss Immersions are an advanced form of retreats where everything is optimized for your wellness and top performance in a paradise environment.

We all have great gifts and you are special, and we enjoy seeing the best of your abilities be expressed. With the guiding principle that bliss is the highest form of intelligence within us, we tailor everything in the environment to support your fullest expression as best we can. Bliss immersions is made to empower you to grow into the best version of yourself even faster to feel great, perform optimally and relax while being energetic.

Our immersions are filled with enjoyment, journeys to carefully selected secret places for your wellness, paradise locations, activities, talks, concerts, events, all with the same goal.

Bliss Immersions aims to answer the question: how will it feel to be the greatest version of us? We all know we can perform better... So what if we can set the right environment that will allow this potential to arise? We do our best to provide answers to the where, when, how, who and why to achieve this, and to set those conditions for all of you who wants to experience this with us. 
Welcome to the exploration of your greatest version. 


Information is valuable, but most of all we wish for you to taste the difference in the quality of food,

Once you feel it, you understand the next levels available to you.

Although we create a baseline for our programs for our a complete transformation, we tailor the flow of our schedule to fit your needs. The guests always feel they have plenty of time to do what they most feel inspired to.

In addition, you may receive insights, tools, resources and experiences that will contribute to you showing you how to effectively integrate these principles in your daily life. For us, your continued bliss and progress is important.