Bliss Immersions was created by Simen Lie and Mariel Chiaraviglio.


Simen Lie

I, Simen, am certified in nutrition and have studied nutrition and wellness for the last 8 years while coaching people on topics ranging from achieving clear skin, getting into top shape and overall success in life.

Having worked with people over the years, I have realised that the most profound long term positive changes happens when people actually experience the benefits of an optimised wellness lifestyle. While speding time in Bali particularly and eating amazing fresh organic and balanced foods, showering in springs, bathing in holy springs, doing breath work, yoga, meditations and having a lot of socially with other people, the effect on the people who join in on these experiences was profound.


Mariel Chiaraviglio

Mariel is a yoga teacher who focuses on chakra balancing and incorporates multiple levels of yoga, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Yoga is not just about asanas, although they are very useful and an important part of yoga. Yoga really encompasses a healthy way of living through breathing, being in connection with the earth and environment, moving, meditation, emotional balancing, positivity and mental focus, social interactions and much more.


Our Approach

We see the person as a whole and aim to provide experiences that elevates people on multiple levels, and really feel the benefits of a true wellness lifestyle.

Some of the things that are important to us are: vegan plant based foods, spring water, organic/wild foods, plenty of time to be flexible in our experiences, movement, being in integrity with our spirit, positive growth and having a lot of fun.