Coaching and Consulting

You deserve to live a blissful life and be the best version of yourself. I coach you to be the greatest version regardless of where you are now. With a background from nutrition and having studied top performance I am very certain I can assist you in reaching your next levels.


Top performance Consulting

This is for those people who already are in good or great shape and wish to take the next levels in life, experiencing even more bliss, purpose and fulfillment in life. We implement next levels nutrition strategies, the most beneficial herbs, optimization of the environment, tune into your passions and what you are here to do in life.

What is the highest level of human capacity? How blissful can you really be? What does it look like when you are sharing your talents with the world in the way that you are uniquely designed to do?


Top shape

This coaching is meant for anyone wishing to improve their shape, wheter that be increasing strength, endurance, improve fat balance.


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