Currently we have one immersion coming up in Bhutan and one in Bali. In addition to that we also have an ongoing immersion called Super You for people who are really inspired to be their greatest version. In the Super You immersion we travel together and the only focus is to become our best version as fast and enjoyably as possible.


Transformational Journeys through Mystical Bhutan, The land of Happiness

November 1-10 2018

This is a 10 day inner connecting journey with the best of what Bhutan has to provide in terms of increasing our light and becoming more enlightened.  Together with local tour operators and local herbalists, gurus and méditations masters we go on this sacred journey to the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan where happiness is measured and tradition is honoured. We journey through enchanted valleys, native forests, indigenous villages and sacred temples. Meditate and enjoy asanas on mountaintops with spectacular views of the Himalayas as the sun shines through the mist.

Dance to amazing cymbals and drums, taste local vegan cuisine and immerse in the cultural landscape of Bhutan.


The magic of Bali, Ubud

September 29-4th of october 2018

Discover the real magic of Ubud. This place is certainly a vortex where positive transformation happens. With crystal clear holy springs, prana filled jungles, amazing viewpoints, fresh foods and people to learn from the island of Bali, and especially the Ubud area provides amazing growth oppurtunities when we know where to go.



Super You


If you are like us and feel super inspired to reach your next levels; send us a message. We are looking for people who really care about being and embodying the greatest version of their spirit now and enjoy doing yoga, meditations, eating healthy, positive inner work, socialise and go to inspiring places .