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Learn optimised vegan food cusine in bhutan

Featuring Prashantha Lachanna

august 15-25th 2019

Learn from the superb vegan chef Prashanta Lachanna dishes that will inspire both vegans and non vegans to try vegan food as well as be a delight to your own senses. This is a journey valuable for life.

Some of her past clients include Royal Salute Whiskey, the Haitian Embassy, the European Union, Prudential Insurance, Standard Chartered, American Institute in taiwan (AIT), Huanan Bank, London School of Economics Alumni, Berkeley University Alumni and many others internationally.

As a TEDx speaker on the topic of the dynamics force of raw and fermented foods.

At a certain point a vegan wants to eat as much whole foods as possible, but might still have family or would like to prepare some dishes that inspires people to see how amazing vegan food really is. Learning about how to combine flavours, create beautiful looking dishes while maintaining nutritional principles is truly valuable for life!

For people who enjoy eating the most beneficial foods possible, but still want to be able to create decorative artwork of foods, this journey is for you.

The Bliss Immersions team also creates an environment that lets you feel the benefits of vegan nutrition and how to live a wellness lifestyle that supports your greatest expression.

Increase your inner bliss and connect further to the light inside you by eating bio-photonic rich foods. A secret not many people know about is that the level of sun energy in the food influences our enlightenment.

Express yourself through Yoga in Bhutan

Featuring Andrew Sealy

August 28th to september 6th 2019

The way Andrew teaches yoga is amazing. Andrew believes yoga is about self expression and his teachings extends far beyond the asana poses.

There are many yoga teachers in the world. Andrew is a great yoga teacher for the intermediate or slightly advanced yogis who want to go further with your practice, as well as beginners who want to cultivate a genuine enthusiasm and inspiration for yoga.

How can we achieve equal effort and ease?

His teachings brings you into a state where you are fully able to connect with your inner self.

To learn asanas is one thing, and powerful, but to really learn the essence of the spiritual principles across the 8 limbs of yoga practice can benefit you for life.

2020 vision Activation with Sydney Campos

Featuring Sydney Campos


Sydney´s gift is to activate visionary leaders to embody their highest vision for all areas of life, live their soul purpose, and realise their next-level pleasure, power and prosperity.

Sydney has a great ability to give the most beneficial guided insights at the right time for people that activates their soul mission to a higher level. She is a really positive person and trusts that her guides and intuition guides her to her her perfect soul experience of life.

She is someone that can enrich your life and sharing a journey with Sydney will through osmosis help you tune in to the same frequency as what is shining from her naturally.

Through many years of studying visionary activation and living a life based upon our own spiritual inspirations, she has many tools that can benefit you for life.