Plant Based Dishes

Since Pythagoras we know about the living diet and the energy of the food and the way it reached the body and, consequently, related to the character and skills that a person could develop. 
During the immersion process you not only will eat to nurturing your body but, your mind and soul.
Our menúes are balanced designed, prepared to support the whole experience, allowing the energy to flow free throughout your body, increasing also the capability of your nervous system to reach a higher level of vibration. You will be lighter and feeling in communion with nature.

From the Garden

Ideally most of our food to come fresh from local gardens nearby or from the wild. It means we always know where the food come from. We chose our market carefully because we understand food is more than what we eat to push hunger away for a couple of hours. Food can extend our life or can shorten it. Can change the course of aging and can even stop and reverse a disease process. 

Fresh & Organic

Freshness taste better and has the unique flavor and quality to it. We choose organic on all our immersions as best as we can, and when we write this we actually focus on making everything organic or properly naturally grown. Safety first. Thomas Edison said that 'the doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Amazing Taste & Gastronomy

When the food taste better, smells better and look better, it activates our digestion through the anticipation which activates visualization of eating, happy hormones making us relax and ultimate absorbing more nutrients from the food. Plus, getting served strawberries in raw chocolate is usually welcome in our day.
We consider a good cooker more than a censes magician, we believe in alchemists.  One of the biggest problem we are facing as a human race is what Michael Klaper explains in his TED Talks, we eat what is not so ideal because we learnt to trick the senses under salt and herbs. 

Whole foods

When the food still has the skin on it holds more of the biophotons and keeps  more of the nutrients fresh and bioavailable. Whole foods is also more energetic and often just serve whole foods as they are. Less processing equals more energy for us.



Quality will vary from place to place although we do our very best to serve the highest quality foods.