2020 Vision with Sydney Campos in South Bhutan

Featuring Sydney Campos

2020 Vision in South Bhutan is all about activating our visionary powers to the next levels.

When we eat original foods of high quality, and original spring water, then our original vision is activated to a higher degree.

Together with Sydney Campos which focuses on visionary activation this perfect combination of various influences all activating our vision, this immersion is going to be powerful.

As we go into the new year in one of the most biodiversity rich tropical and subtropical places on earth, new abilities is likely to emerge.

South Bhutan is a very pristine and untouched area of the world with lots of wonderful secrets.

If you are interested in meeting like spirited people, experience the bucket list destination Bhutan while experiencing years of study into the activation of visionary packaged together into a carefully crafted itinerary, this journey is meant for you.


Why we are different

We serve organic and a high percentage of wild vegan food. We care a lot about the complete wellness lifestyle so we put a lot of care into the itinerary to make sure we are earthing enough, eating only organic or truly natural food, preferably wild or original foods, have enough movement in the day, have high quality spring water, that the air quality is high and much more. We do our best in all areas of the itinerary we believe contribute to ideal wellness.


Location: South Bhutan

South Bhutan is one of the most biodiversity rich areas of the world. Bhutan was recently opened to tourism, and south Bhutan is even more untouched than the north of Bhutan. In addition to that, the areas within Bhutan that is protected as a natural wild life san


Samsara Asia and Bliss Immersions

Samsara-asia is a company formed by Tshering Lhamtshok, who is a native from Thimbu, Bhutan. With extensive cultural insight and a wide network, together with Bliss Immersions, we have formed the best possible itinerary to bring you the most beneficial aspects of Bhutan we could, while inspiring you for life by experiencing wellness at it finest. We base our itinerary around general lifestyle optimisation strategies such as eating whole food, organic/truly natural/wild vegan foods, taking time for meditation, yoga, visualisation, inner connecting and many other fun modalities. Thanks to our local guide we have the oppurtunity to learn from local herbalists, meditation masters, get a blessing from a high lama and experience local bhutanese traditions such as hot stone bath that contribute to their happiness. There is ample time to connect with your spirit on this journey, while we get inputs from the pristine forests, mountains, local gurus, meditation teachers, herbalists and more. We do our best to tailor for a vegan lifestyle experience, while still immersing ourselves in Bhutanese culture and finding out what makes the people of this country so happy.

Jonas von Essen

Jonas is a two time world memory champion and is a vegan.

The most important thing in our lives is our clarity of mind, and memory is highly important for our quality of life. Of all the people in the world, this man has the ability to effectively use his memory. How does he do it?

Jonas has said that the techniques and mindsets he uses are applicable to other people. Through studying the top books on memory and creatively integrating his own style and teaching techniques he has made it possible for people to quickly grasp the methods that the top memory experts in the world uses.

As a caring person who wants the best for others he makes learning fun and makes people feel that they can achieve great results using their memory as well.

What are the main differences with our immersions

Compared to other retreats, our immersions serve only organic/wild or truly natural foods as far as we are aware of. We acquire the food just as it is, grown in beneficially mineral rich soil. The food we serve is very fresh because we prefer to higher levels of bio photons and energy. Our immersions are optimised as far as possible for ideal wellness in mind. We serve high quantity and quality of foods in balanced proportions because we believe nourishment is the most beneficial focus for an immersion. Some people create retreats/immersions for a fun holiday, we create it to be a lot of fun while also given a life long experience of how amazing veganism really can feel like.


Footage from our local tour operator

Benefits we focus on:

  • Learning how to remembering the important things in life

  • Learning faster and further enhancing our long term learning abilities

  • Feeling how a nutritionally balanced vegan nutritional, delicious program enhances your energy and spiritual connection

  • Connecting further with our spirit

  • Finding our true life purpose

  • Increasing our daily presence

  • Learning about success factors that contribute to the happiness in Bhutan

  • Enjoying an authentic Bhutanese luxurious environment both in hotels and home stays

  • Learning about herbs

  • Learning about effective and simple meditation strategies

  • Getting a blessing from a high lama

  • Experiencing Bhutanese cultural experiences

  • Enjoying blissful company, perhaps meet people that shares your interest in optimised growth, and grow with like minded people

  • Integrated wellness including: massages, hot stone baths, yoga, meditations, workouts, presence, conscious awakening and being truthful to our souls purpose.

  • Luxurious bhutanese style accommodation including hotels and homestays.


Feedback from the clients of the Bliss Immersions team:

It is happening very many great things in my life now. The universe is giving me what I ask for. I appreciate unbelievably much the energy you have sent my way!
— Henrik Reistad
When I asked for you to coach me, I expected you to tell me step by step what to do. You did something far greater. You had me search, explore and find the answers and learn to trust myself. I know the answers, they are inside me now.

I cannot even begin to tell how powerful that small step was toward how well I am doing right now.

I wanted you to fix me and you helped me to do it myself.

I am doing well and feel confident of my future.
— Sandra Johnson

This trip is for those who:

  • Who truly care about being their greatest version

  • Those who feel inspired to learn more to effectively realising their greatest memory capacity

  • Are in good physical shape, because there will be hiking

  • Have a positive and open learning mindset

  • Enjoy contributing to others


Investment and date

Price: 9800 dollars per person when 10 people have joined.

Date: 11th of April to 20th of April (Confirmed with Jonas)

Place: Bhutan

Tour Operator: Order will be made with Samsara-Asia when the group has been assembled and we all have reconfirmed.
Accommodation and board: 5 star hotel and full board including a high quantity and quality of foods, tickets, all experiences, and included treatments. This will be informed about in detail in the next round when the full itinerary will be revealed as well, after the group has been formed, if you like the full itinerary. Since booking Jonas von Essen for ten days is a big investment, we need to have people who at least express a high level of interest by replying that it is very likely that you will join to Simen, to go the the next stage of seeing the itinerary. Going to the next stage to see the itinerary before making the final decision is a non-binding commitment.
Also, if you have a vegan friend who this might fit perfectly for and is interested in vegan lifestyle optimisation and having a positive impact on the social world, you can share this private trip page with this person.

Are you interested in thriving as a vegan and would like to see other opportunities we have?

Are you interested in vegan optimisation but you would like to see other immersions in different places, durations, at different times or with different prices, please join our email list as we will have special invite opportunities to private estates in paradise surroundings in Portugal and other places of the world, lasting from a day, 3 days or longer. There are special types of people who share our passion being our most vital and happy version, and maximising our positive impact on the world through inspiring our friends by being thriving vegans and learning principles we can help our vegan friends implement so they can thrive. It is possible to meet many likeminded friends in our groups also.