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I founded Bliss Immersions because I wish that people experience what earth can provide in terms of wellness as best as I can, because everybody deserves to be happy and as happy as possible. Everybody has amazing gifts and I enjoy contributing to people being able to give their gifts fully and be fully blissful.

After spending the first 10 years of my life focusing on becoming a professional basketball player, and scoring some goals professionally, I quickly had to heal my knees. I hadn´t learned much about nutrition at that time so my body couldn´t handle the exercise. Luckily I found some great health experts and got on a good track early in my search for beneficial information. I quickly was able to work out as much as I wanted again, but the amazing benefits I felt from implementing the nutritional insights I had learned became much more meaningful for me. Then I decided to put my effort into learning more about real nutrition and lifestyle instead because I felt this would help others more. Throughout the years I learnt that nutrition goes far beyond simply improving physical state and the body in various ways, it goes so much further beyond. ´You are what you eat´ or ´your body is what you assimilate from the environment combined with your spiritual focus´ became so much more profound then I could have imagined. Clearing up a lot of acne, feeling a lot happier, becoming more ´conscious´ of things such as realising that animals have feelings, seeing what my purpose was more clearly and so on was just some of the things that happened. The health benefits of proper nutrition really goes much further than that as well. To be the super natural version of you, you have to eat super naturally for your body.

In a broader sense my goal is for the world to be a more social paradise because in practically we have more than enough resources to do so.

Perhaps you have done a private immersion with me already or would like to do a call to see if we resonate and I can benefit you from the years I have spent studying nutrition and lifestyle.

This coaching is not for everyone, this coaching is for the people who have chosen to be the greatest version of themselves and there are a set of requirements:

  • You enjoy continuous improvement and believe in that value of always growing positively.

  • You are positive

  • You focus on being the greatest version of yourself

  • You enjoy contributing positively to others as well as yourself in a massive way

I work 1 on 1 with people who have chosen to live life to the fullest and who will not bring excuses, but rather enjoy the implementation of positive habits that resonates with their own intuition.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the process I can go through with you.

Monthly coaching includes:

  1. Immersions that allows for access to wild/organic proper food, spring water, strength training, yoga, meditation, massages, swimming, fresh air quality, earthing and so on so the principles can be felt.

  2. Skype calls or phone calls 2 times every 7 days lasting 90 minutes

When areas of life such as nutrition, environment, movement, sleep, air are as ideal as possible we realise the most ideal version of us more easily.

Kind regards,
Simen Lie

Founder Bliss Immersions




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