Transformational Inner Connecting Journey In Bhutan

Featuring Sharmishta Dattagupta

Experience the so called ´land of happiness´ with life coach Sharmishtha Dattagupta.

Together with Sharmishtha we enjoy Bhutans rich traditions including meditation, yoga and other modalities we feel contribute to Bhutan´s happiness.

Sharmishtha goes through a set of life coaching tools she feels benefits us in living our purpose. We all have unique gifts, and spending 10 days in Bhutan with a life coach guiding you through a set of principles and practices while enjoying scenic nature environments and experiencing special events in Bhutan will likely be very enriching for you.


Location: Bhutan

Why did we chose to adapt our wellness program for Bhutan? Because Bhutan has been called the ´land of happiness´ and we found out that a lot of the greatest teachings from India, China, Tibet and other places regarding herbalism, meditation and more have been fused in the country. It is said that in the 11th century there were great meetings of wise teachers, and still to this day a lot of powerful teachings have been passed on and built upon in generations. Recently opened to tourist, this country has a rule that makes it necessary to go with a tour guide. Luckily for us we have formed a friendship with an amazing local guide who practices a vegan lifestyle.


Samsara Asia and Bliss Immersions

Samsara-asia is a company formed by Tshering Lhamtshok, who is a native from Thimbu, Bhutan. With extensive cultural insight and a wide network, together with Bliss Immersions, we have formed an itinerary to bring you the most beneficial aspects of Bhutan we could find. We base our itinerary around general lifestyle optimisation strategies such as eating whole foods, organic/naturally grown/wild vegan foods, taking time for meditation, yoga, visualisation, inner connecting and other fun modalities. Thanks to our local guide we have the opportunity to learn from local herbalists, meditation masters, perhaps get a blessing from a high lama and experience local bhutanese traditions such as hot stone baths that contribute to their happiness. There is ample time to connect with your spirit on this journey, while we get inputs from the pristine forests, mountains, and teachers that might be specialists in meditation, herbalism and more. We do our best to tailor for a vegan lifestyle experience, while still immersing ourselves in Bhutanese culture and finding out what makes the people of this country so happy.


Sharmishtha Dattagupta

Sharmishtha Dattagupta is a life coach who focuses on connecting people with their inner bliss and bringing their ideas to life. She uses coaching and visualization techniques, meditations and more in order to support us to be all that we can be.

She also teaches tools to be courageous and live fully in our purpose. She leads a permaculture project and has coached international organizations as well as private persons. She feels that Bhutan will help people connect with themselves simply by being in nature.

She embeds practices in her program to connect with nature so that we can truly connect with who we are and our soul’s purpose. Journaling as well as presence and guided focus will contribute to our realization of our purpose here on earth.


Footage from our local tour operator

Benefits we focus on:

  • Being in our bliss and living our life purpose

  • Learning more about vegan nutrition

  • Increasing our daily presence

  • Optimising the balance in our auric field or pranic field

  • Experiencing the magic of Bhutan and experiencing many success factors that contribute to their happiness

  • Learning about herbs

  • Learning about effective and simple meditation strategies

  • Experiencing Bhutanese cultural experiences

  • Enjoying blissful company and grow with like minded people

  • Integrated wellness including: massages, hot stone baths, yoga, meditations, workouts, presence, conscious awakening and being truthful to our souls purpose.


Feedback from the clients of the Bliss Immersions team:

It is happening very many great things in my life now. The universe is giving me what I ask for. I appreciate unbelievably much the energy you have sent my way!
— Henrik Reistad
When I asked for you to coach me, I expected you to tell me step by step what to do. You did something far greater. You had me search, explore and find the answers and learn to trust myself. I know the answers, they are inside me now.

I cannot even begin to tell how powerful that small step was toward how well I am doing right now.

I wanted you to fix me and you helped me to do it myself.

I am doing well and feel confident of my future.
— Sandra Johnson

Feedback from the clients of Sharmistha

“Dãna Coaching’s Himalayan retreat “Journey to your authentic life” was an unrivalled experience! Being in nature, hiking, and sleeping outdoors combined with coaching resonated perfectly with me. I very much appreciated Sharmishtha’s intuitive work, her openness to adjust the schedule to our needs, and the daily impulses she gave, which were crucial for getting in touch with different aspects of myself. Our individual coaching session clarified a smouldering topic, and her way of careful listening, being present, and asking the right questions throughout the journey helped me uncover my next steps to an authentic life.”
— Journey to your authentic life (Oct 2016) participant
“Sharmishtha is a perfect mix of the analytical and the personal; she deeply understands how the interplay of inner strength and outer action are critical to make social change happen. She leads an exceptional 4-day course for us called Bio-Empathy: Learning from Nature, which brings together changemakers from around the world to understand how nature innovates and how humans can learn from nature as we design new solutions for the problems we face. Our Fellows love working with her and we hope to do so as well for a long time to come.”
— Roshan Paul, CEO, Amani Institute for social innovation based in India, Brazil, Kenya
“Sharmishtha is warm, kind, and a brilliant coach. Talking to her always brings me new perspectives and clarity and energy – and excitement and joy to jump back into the swing of things. I am so thankful for her help! And I recommend working with her very, very highly.”
— Dr. Yael Kisel, Ecologist and artist

This trip is for those who:

  • Feel inspired to be the best version of themselves or their spirit

  • Feel inspired to experience Bhutan in an traditional and vegan way

  • Have pretty good or great health, since there will be some hiking

  • Are positive