Bliss Immersions
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Be you to the full


What are your goals?


Positive states

How positive states can we feel? There are many things that contribute to our state. Everything adds up. Feelings are here to guide us.


Fitness and movement

Movement and fitness is best when it is fun. Fun and enjoyable movement is a positive indication that what you are doing is beneficial.



Experience the joy of being more in your spiritĀ“s purpose here on earth. How do we become more spiritual (all of our spirit) while here on earth?


Wellness & healing

Are there specific things regarding your overall wellness that you are interested in fixing?


General Vitality

Vitality requires balance in all areas. An indication of ideal balance is ideal vitality.


General perspective on Nutrition Simplified

How can we learn from nature and connect with our intuition to eat as ideally as possible?



Tailored experiences

Around the world we find the most idyllic places to really focus on optimising our wellness and vitality. These places include Canary islands, Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand and many other places. Our international team can match you with one of our Bliss Representatives and you can just go to one of the places we have ongoing Bliss Immersions now or we can tailor a unique experience for you.


Costa Rica, LA Joya Del Sol

This place is filled with tropical and subtropical fruits and various kinds of various and plants. Go here if you want to enjoy nature. This is a place you just go to relax, increase your vitality, have fun and be immersed in nature.

Celebrities like Jairek Robbins and others have been to this special place. Living in a food forest is special.

This is the cheapest alternative we have so far, and you could even spend a month or longer here.

Bhutan, Samsara-Asia

Working together with a Bhutanese travel agency we have created an amazing vegan wellness itinerary that you can take almost at any time and we adapt to to your price range preference in terms of accommodations. We find places that will be best for your price range and you can choose if you want to learn from herbalists, meditation teachers, yoga teachers, zen masters, go in meditation caves, go to tigers nest, do many hikes, few hikes, be in one place or travel more.

Based on your preferences we create a unique trip for you and the people you go with if you choose to bring more people.


Super You

We are looking for people who wish to go all the way with their vitality, and eat as naturally as possible, and really focus on their wellness.

If you wish to be invited to secret places and do wellness activities all day long with only free time to do what is your spirit is telling you must to actualise the greatest and most vital version of you, then send us a message including some initial information.


Questions or Coaching Inquiries

Do you have any questions? Send us a message.